GST Rates on Hiring Services of Packers and Movers

GST rates on hiring services of packers and mover fall under the 18% slab. These services include packing, transportation and unpacking services. Some of them also provide rearranging and unpacking services to learn more about Budget Hauling Inc. However, the GST rate for these services varies across different states.

GST rate for packers and movers is 5%

GST rates for moving services are different from those for other services, so consumers should be careful when choosing one. Professional movers offer full relocation services, including packing, loading, unloading, and rearranging. In addition to the GST rate of 5%, consumers can use their company’s transportation exclusively.

Professional packers and movers charge a flat tax of 18% on their services, but the charge will be reduced to 5% if the goods are transported by inland waterways. The full service of professional packers and movers requires a GSTIN number. Only registered packers and movers can provide accurate quotes.

Companies can save up to 12% on their financial costs by claiming input credits. These credits can be used to reduce the duty that they must pay on imported inventory. This can reduce real tax outlays by as much as 12%.


A moving service business provides a range of services for individuals who need to transport their belongings. Moving can be a stressful and costly process. In addition, it involves packing and loading the belongings. The taxation on the hiring of movers and packers is subject to varying rules and regulations.

For example, some services may not be taxed at all. These are generally household moves and office moves. However, in some states, certain moving services are subject to sales tax. In states that impose sales tax, moving services are typically categorized as “house and building” moves. Local moves in Mississippi, Wyoming, and West Virginia are subject to sales tax. In addition to the services, moving supplies are generally subject to sales tax.

While Moving company in Sacramento packers and movers charge GST for their services, some charge it on different services. Some may offer their relocation services under the heading “Cargo movement” and charge 5% GST for those services. But the normal GST rate for packers and movers is 18%.

Taxable at HSN code

Taxable at HSN code for hiring packer and mover services falls under the categories of goods and services. The GST rate for goods and services is 18%. This is a change from the previous system where the GST rate was 12%. The new GST regime has changed the classification of goods and services. The first category relates to goods and services that are used for personal use. The second category comprises household goods and office furniture.

Moving services are businesses that help individuals or businesses with transporting needs. Moving can be a difficult, stressful and costly process. It requires packing, loading, and transportation. However, the new GST regime has changed the taxation rules regarding moving services. For example, if you’re looking to hire a packer and mover to help you move from one place to another, the GST rate on moving services is 18%.

The Taxable at HSN code for hiring packer and Sacramento Moving comapany is 18% for both goods and services that are transported. Since hiring packers and movers involves a range of services, the GST rate is higher than for individual services. However, if you’re only using the logistics company for transportation, then the GST rate will be 5%.

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