A Quick Guide to Google My Business SEO


Having a Google My Business listing is a great way to increase your visibility and find new customers. It can also help your business appear more often in local searches. Here are some tips for optimizing your listing. Make sure to include a description of your business, include a photo of your business, and highlight your products and services. Know more about Affordable SEO LLC.

Adding a category

Adding a category to Google My Business (GMB) is an important step in search engine optimization. It gives consumers a better idea of what your business is all about. Adding additional categories will increase your chances of being included in search results, but you should make sure that you choose categories that are relevant to your business.

In Google My Business, you can add categories using the pencil icon. You can also add as many categories as you want. You should choose a primary category that describes your business as a whole, while secondary categories can specify the different lines of business you provide at your location.

Adding a business description

Adding a business description to your Google My Business listing can help boost your search rankings. You should try to keep it relevant to your business, and make every word count. Google has some rules about how much information is allowed in your listing, so follow them and make the most of your character limit.

Google uses a variety of signals to determine where to serve search results, so it's important to include enough information. Besides providing a business description, you should also include your business' website address and hours of operation. Google also allows you to customize your hours of operation if you hold a special event.

Adding a business photo

Adding a business photo to your Google My Business SEO listing is critical. It will help prospective customers see your business from the outside, generate interest in your products, and show what your business has to offer. A stock photo is not sufficient, and outdated photos may damage your listing.

Google My Business SEO requires that you use at least three photos per category, which means you must provide some unique images. It is a good idea to add new photos every few weeks. These should show new pictures of your business, your employees, and any recent changes. Regularly updating your photos will help your business stay up-to-date in Google's search algorithm. This is a great way to grow your SEO-optimized photo library.

When uploading an image to Google My Business, make sure the photo is in focus and well-lit. Try to keep the size below 1000 x 1000 pixels, as this will make your page load faster. However, remember that high-quality images will be larger than this and retain their quality. A smaller photo may have a poor resolution or become blurry.

Highlighting products

Highlighting products on your Google My Business listing is an excellent way to get more visibility in search results. You can do this by adding a product image and description. However, you cannot include individual links to the product. This is because Google wants to keep the content within its platform. You can also use the Product Editor to highlight your products to potential customers. This will allow you to display a collection of products, as well as call the product directly.

Google My Business has an excellent product feature, which allows you to showcase your products without having a website. This feature is available on the knowledge panel of your GMB page, and it is triggered by keyword searches for specific products. Highlighting products will boost the visibility of your local  SEO business and increase the chances of people making purchases in-store.

Asking customers for reviews

Asking for reviews from customers is an effective way to boost your Google My Business local SEO in Riverside CA. It shows that you trust them and want their feedback. Google's algorithm will search for reviews of the right kind. If you are asking customers for a review, make sure to provide a reason for the request. This will increase the likelihood of compliance by 33%, according to research by a Harvard professor.

A great way to get more reviews is to send out emails asking your customers to leave a review on Google. You can even add a link in the email requesting reviews. This way, you will increase the chances of being listed in the knowledge graph.